FeedbackGuru: A new way to collect and analyze customer feedback!


Every business owner or C-suite manager is obsessed with meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations. But the reality is that only few managers understand the evolving needs of the customer. Even fewer managers can predict customer expectations. Do you measure the quality of your customer service? How does your customer service compare across individual branches and to competitors? How much effort do customers exert to access your products/services and is it acceptable? The answer to these questions and many others can be found by actively listening to your customers. Unfortunately, current tools like suggestion boxes, customer complaint forms, customer hotlines, or online surveys make continuous review and analysis of customer feedback herculean. That’s why we at Wave-2 Analytics Ltd have created the FeedbackGuru platform to help any customer-facing organization understand customer expectations and exceed them.

FeedbackGuru is an SMS-based feedback collection and analysis platform that is powered by artificial intelligence. FeedbackGuru is built with your business needs in mind. Unlike online-surveys, FeedbackGuru is widely available to your customers because it uses SMS technology and customers pay no SMS-charges. While feedback collected from suggestion boxes, customer complaint forms or customer hotlines take forever to analyze, FeedbackGuru automatically creates reports to enable instant insight generation. Depending on how you set up FeedbackGuru, it can measure in real-time, key customer metrics like Customer Satisfaction Score, Customer Effort Score and Net Promoter Score.

Also, FeedbackGuru improves the feedback provision experience of your customers. All they have to do is text your business-specific FeedbackGuru username to 9099 and FeedbackGuru chats with them, stores their responses and creates an actionable report for you. You can even set up FeedbackGuru for your customers to earn a reward anytime they give you feedback.

As you strive to delight your customers, FeedbackGuru should be a tool in your customer support architecture. The good news is that you can visit and create a free account to start using FeedbackGuru today. Also, you can reach us via for your personalized business needs, demonstration and quote.

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